Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet at 10:00 am on the last Sunday in March, May, September and November at the Brookfield Fire Hall and hold a conference call on the last Sunday in January at 7:00 pm.



Rod Nielsen

FSANS President

Rod Nielsen started his firefighting experience in 1983 joining Stewiacke & District Volunteer Fire Department. While with Stewiacke Fire he held various officers positions for over 15 years including Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Chief. Rod joined Brookfield Fire & Emergency Services in 2000 as a firefighter, held office of Captain from 2001 to 2003 and since 2003 holds the position of Fire Chief. Rod has participated in the Colchester Fire Fighters Association for over 25 years and has held the positions of Secretary/Treasurer and First Vice President. He has been a member of the Central Nova Scotia Fire Service Association (formally Halifax-Hants Mutual Aid Association) for over 25 years and has held the positions of Secretary and Vice Chair. Rod has served as the Director for Nova Scotia on the board of the Maritime Fire Chiefs Association since 2011 and has been a member of the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs for many years and currently represents Nova Scotia on their National Advisory Council. Rod is involved in various local community organizations and currently is President of the Brookfield Community Assembly; a community liaison group to government.



Jim Roper

FSANS 1st Vice President

Jim Roper joined the Pictou Landing Fire Dept as a junior Fire Fighter in the 1970’s and has been an active member ever since. more...


Daniel Gaudet

FSANS 2nd Vice President

Daniel has been a member of the Saint-Bernard Fire Department for 31 years, and Fire Chief for the last 19, he held the post of past President of the Clare Fire Fighters Association and a current member of the Maritime Fire Chief’s Association.  Daniel is also involved as a Committee Chair for the Clare Firefighter’s Training Committee.

Contact Information:
Ph: (902)837-7680 Cell: (902)841-0413
email -



Beth Edwards

Executive Director

Beth Edwards has retired from HRM Fire & Emergency Services, she was there since 2005 in the role of Administrative Support for Operations. She has over twenty years experience in the administrative field, more...



Mike Lockett

FSANS Director for Annapolis County

Biography pending


ALTERNATE: Chris Barker

Greg Smith

FSANS Director for Antigonish County

Greg joined the 4-Valleys VFD in 1990 and has attained both Level 2 Firefighter & Level 2 Fire Investigator designations. Greg is currently serving his 11th year as Fire Chief of this 20+ member fire department. Besides volunteering with his local fire department more...


Chris March

FSANS Director for Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Biography pending




Terry Canning

FSANS Director for Colchester County

Terry has been Deputy Chief of Brookfield Fire and Emergency Services since 2001 and has held numerous other offices since joining the fire service in 1980. more...


ALTERNATE: Merlyn Smith

Andy Yarrow

FSANS Director for Cumberland County

Andy Yarrow has been with the Pugwash District Volunteer Fire Department since September 1994. He is a Level I Firefighter and has progressed through the ranks of the Pugwash Fire Department to currently hold the position of Fire Chief. more...


Nick Power

FSANS Director for Digby County

Nick Power began his firefighting career with the Salmon River Fire Department Digby County in 1993.  He was a member there for 15 years; he held various positions Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy-Chief, and Chief.  In 2008 he took a break from the fire service. Then joining Saint Bernard in 2013, were he is now Deputy-Chief and president of Clare Firefighters Association


ALTERNATE: Michel Belliveau

Shawn Andrews

FSANS Director for Guysborough County

Biography pending


Gord West

FSANS Director for Halifax Regional Municipality

Gord West started his Fire service career in 1979 with the Beaver Bank Kinsac Volunteer Fire Department (station 48). He served as an officer at all levels for 27 of 28 years as a Volunteer. He held the Chief position for 8 years. In 2007 he was hired by HRM Fire as an Acting District Chief for the Eastern Shore. His position changed to Division Commander in 2010 and he now looks after ten Departments from Beaver Bank to Upper Musquodoboit, two of which have staff. He is Blue Card and Level 2 Officer Certified and has ICS 300. He looks after all the maintenance and installations of over a hundred-thirty dry hydrants in HRM. He presently serves on the JOSH committee and also works with Airport Fire developing a working mutual aid relationship.



Kory Orchard

FSANS Director for Hants County

Kory Orchard has been a member of the Lantz Fire & Emergency Services since 2006 and is a Level 1 Certified Firefighter along with Ice Water and Swift Water Rescue Technician. He has previously served as department executive secretary and is currently treasurer. Kory has held various fireground positions of Lieutenant, Captain and has served as Deputy Chief since 2011.


Contact Information:


ALTERNATE: Terry MacAloney

Robert MacEachern

FSANS Director for Inverness County

Biography pending

ALTERNATE: Jim Cavanagh

Philip Porter

FSANS Director for Kings County

Biography pending

ALTERNATE: Darrel Geddes

Bill Falkenham

FSANS Director for Lunenburg County

Bill was a founding member and is a charter member of Chester Basin Volunteer Fire Department since 1982. He served in several different positions as Captain, Deputy Chief and recently retired as Chief after eight years and remains an active member. He is a member of the Maritime Fire Chiefs Association since 1994.

ALTERNATE: Corey Zinck


David Sponagle

FSANS Director for Pictou County

A member of Thorburn Fire Dept. for 36 years, I rose through the ranks, and became Fire Chief in 2003. As of Feb. 8,2012, I became a retired Fire Chief. I am still active in the Fire Dept. and have taken the position of Safety Officer. more...



Moyal Conrad

FSANS Director for Queens Regional Municipality

Biography pending


Raymond Ferguson

FSANS Director for Richmond County

Raymond has been a volunteer firefighter for the past 28 years, holding positions of Captain and Deputy Chief before coming Chief of the St. Peter’s and District Volunteer Fire Department more...

ALTERNATE: Shannon Mury

Dwayne Hunt

FSANS Director for Shelburne County

Dwayne started in the fire service in 1983 with the Barrington Passage Fire Dept. and served in various roles from firefighter to chief.  In 2002 the Barrington Passage Fire Dept. amalgamated with the 6-W south Side Fire Dept. and the Clarks Harbour Fire Dept. to become the Island and Barrington Passage Fire Dept where he started out as Deputy Chief and is currently the Chief of the 45 member department.


Dwayne is firefighter level 1 and level 2 trained, level 1,2 &3 fire investigation trained. He has been involved with TERC Canada as a shadow judge and as a judge and has competed in several regional and 1 national extrication competition since 2000. He just recently completed his level 1 instructor certification.


Last year he became the president of the Shelburne County Firefighter Association.




FSANS Director for Victoria County




Art Rose

FSANS Director for Yarmouth County

Art Rose began fire service with the Port Maitland Volunteer Fire Dept, Yarmouth County, in 1973. He has served as a fire fighter, training officer, and is now serving as Safety Officer. He was also Deputy Chief for a few years. more...




Ron Thibeau

Fire Marshal's Office

Biography unavailable at this time.

ALTERNATE: Fred Jeffers

John Cunningham

Nova Scotia Firefighters School

Biography unavailable at this time.

ALTERNATE: Preston Ilsley